Our Brands

Interventional Cardiology and Radiology

W L Gore & Associates Pty Ltd

Extensive Gore Medical family of products includes vascular grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, surgical meshes and devices.


A leading medical device company in the interventional cardiovascular space.

Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices

As a healthcare provider, your focus is on improving treatment for every patient, every time, and Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices helps you achieve that goal. Philips IGT Devices deliver unique and specific capabilities. Philips’ total lab solutions include planning, financing, construction and training, while the education and partnership programs further demonstrate an ongoing commitment to realising ever-better outcomes for your patients.

Biosensors International

Developers, manufacturers and marketers of innovative medical devices for interventional cardiology and critical care procedures.


Unisis Corp

Develops and manufactures Anaesthesia, Angiographic and Biopsy Needles as well as Epidural products.

Lake Region

Manufacturers of interventional guidewires and other consumables.